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 Turn Your PASSION Into Profit... And Market Your MESSAGE To The World!
  •  The 4 Module Online Training (Taught LIVE) With Russell Whitney: You'll discover how to PROFIT from turning your expertise into a six or seven figure business. 
  •  Exclusive Expert Mentor Online Network: Connect with Russell, his top clients & students, and other leading experts from around the world.
  •  BONUS: 2 VIP tickets to the EXPERT MENTOR SUMMIT! (A $980 value.)
Knowledge is POWER. And your specialized knowledge has the power to change people’s lives
Right now, people are searching for YOU—they just don’t know it yet. They’re searching for the information, intel and insights that YOU HAVEThey’re even spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on degrees and training programs. And they’re doing it all in the hopes of gaining a FRACTION of what you already know.
Discover the secrets to transforming your passion into a thriving career... 
  • Turn what you love into a unique career path and business .
  •  Tap into your expert knowledge and inspire others to EXCEL.
  •  Help a growing audience find their voice.
Because your message matters.

And now it’s time to flip the switch and GET PAID for your expertise.

Our expert trainers and coaches will guide you through a four-week intensive course of study designed to transform your passion into a high-paying BUSINESS as a subject matter EXPERT.
Get paid to… 
  •  TRAIN 
  •  COACH
  •  WRITE 
  •  SPEAK
  •  SHARE
  •  GUIDE
You have the knowledge. Now it’s time to transform what you love into what you DO—and find your unique path to SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT along the way.

Who Is Russell Whitney?
Russell Whitney
"Expert Mentor"
Russell Whitney is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and a recognized worldwide leader in the business, real estate investment, and financial training fields.

Russell prospered in both business and real estate and eventually used his knowledge and experience to help others do the same. Over the past 15 years, he has traveled the world speaking to audiences as large as 10,000, at one time to a fully packed arena. 

He has spoken alongside luminaries like Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, and George Foreman, always spreading his message of how to take immediate action to achieve financial goals and dreams by following his easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. 

It was during that time he met his success coach, mentor, and eventual business partner, Kevin Harrington, who has accumulated over $4 billion in sales and is one of the original Sharks on “Shark Tank.” In fact, Russell and Kevin are in the process of co-authoring a book, to be released soon.
Kevin Harrington
from ABC's Shark Tank
Matt Lloyd
founder of MOBE
Turn your passion project into a lucrative, lifelong career.
Books & eBooks
Home Study Course 
Online Course
Teleseminars & Podcast

Webinars & Webcast 
Membership Subscriptions
Live Events
Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting
Discover how EXPERTS share their passion and knowledge with millions—and make millions in the process.
Through four weeks of intensive, extensive online training and support, you’ll ignite your passion and transform that passion into a living, breathing career—a career with limitless growth and earning potential.

Each week, you’ll tackle another piece of the puzzle, learning from our expert training, mentors and coaches. These are people just like you who have transformed what they love into what they DO and are getting PAID to share their passion with the world.

Modules include webinars and interactive online sessions, plus quizzes, projects and action items designed to challenge you and help you build your expert business. You’ll discover ways experts build a business from the ground up, and how they promote their passions to a targeted audience who needs your knowledge.

In just four weeks, you’ll be ready to jump start your expert career and, FINALLY, monetize the knowledge, commitment and passion you have for YOUR THING.

In the end, we’ll help you put the pieces together and 

Something you LOVE TO DO.
Something you GET PAID TO DO.
Something that has the power TO CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES!
Each week, you’ll master a new skill and gain greater insights that will help you transform your passion into your career. Along the way, you’ll discover how people just like you have built multi-million dollar businesses by sharing their knowledge and insights with the world—and how you’re just a few clicks away from jump-starting your journey.
The first step in getting your business off the ground is learning to monetize your knowledge and your passion. In this module, we’ll show you how. By focusing on simple methods for positioning your brand, channeling your knowledge and reaching your core audience, you’ll do double duty—you’ll get the word out about your business while providing tangible products your fans, friends and followers can dig into from day one. Learn all about creating:
  •  Books & eBooks
  •  Teleseminars & Podcast
  •  Live Events 
  •  Home Study Course
  •  Webinars & Webcast
  •  Coaching, Mentoring & Consulting
  •  Online Course
  •  Membership Subscriptions
Countless experts get paid BIG BUCKS to speak at live events, on webinars and during trainings and courses. By understanding, embracing and evolving your unique message and knowledge, you’ll be able to command massive speaking fees and generate huge sales simply by sharing your passion with the world. It’s all here in week two -- PACKAGING -- an intensive designed to help you identify, elevate and accelerate your unique message and turn it into lucrative products and services.
  •  Figuring out YOUR story
  •  Leveraging your insights
  •  Fine-tuning YOUR message
  •  Create valuable, high ticket products and services
You’ve got the products and you’ve got the story—now it’s time to set the wheels in motion with a powerhouse sales funnel that converts targeted leads into paying customers. By creating high-value touchpoints that identify and engage these critical prospects and PROMOTING your brand experiences to a targeted audience, you’ll build a never-ending lead source that fuels your business now and in the future. Learn how the world’s best experts and insiders PROMOTE themselves, their message and their brands, and see how you can quickly and easily put those same systems and processes into place, driving revenue while gaining credibility, authority and access. Learn how to...
  •  Build online sales funnels FAST
  •  Host webinars that drive thousands of leads
  •  Host LIVE EVENTS that sell out every time 
PLUS Learn the secrets of million-dollar experts and how to drive five, six and even seven figures coaching, mentoring and consulting. 
Want to use your expertise to help other experts in the space? Then this week is for you. We’ll unpack the secrets of building a publishing empire that positions and promotes other experts for SUCCESS. By getting the word out about other experts in your space, you’ll be central to building a niche market that drives knowledge and gets the word out about YOUR passion points—it’s a win/win for everyone. 
  •  Identifying SMEs
  •  Making profits from publishing
  •  Storytelling
  •  Content opportunities
Ask yourself, "Am I…?"

  •  PASSIONATE and KNOWLEDGEABLE about a theme, topic or experience?
  •  READY TO SHARE MY PASSION and INSIGHTS with the world?
  •  Looking for a NEW CAREER PATH that leverages my insights and expertise—and the things I love?
  •  Prepared to COMMIT TO THIS PASSION for the foreseeable future?
  •  INTERESTED IN HELPING OTHERS achieve their goals by tapping into my expertise?
  •   Excited about TRANSFORMING MY THING into a viable—and highly profitable—career path?
If you answered YES to even ONE of these questions, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!
BONUS: The Expert Mentor Summit
As a special gift to taking action today - you'll also recieve 2 VIP TICKETS to Russell Whitney's Expert Mentor Summit!

In this live 3 day event Russell will take you by the hand and give you a proven blueprint to creating your 6 or 7+ figure "Expert Business".

This is a unique opportunity to see Russell in his element.
And you'll see how the "Expert Mentor" model will work for you.

Normally, the value of this event is $980 on it's own - but when you reserve your spot today - you get 2 VIP Tickets for joining the Expert Mentor program!
  •  The 4 Module Online Training (Taught LIVE) With Russell Whitney: You'll discover how to PROFIT from turning your expertise into a six or seven figure business. 
  •  Exclusive Expert Mentor Online Network: Connect with Russell, his top clients & students, and other leading experts from around the world.
  •  BONUS: 2 VIP tickets to the EXPERT MENTOR SUMMIT! (A $980 value.)
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